Making advertisement deals

Once you start your own company, you will start receiving a lot of phone-calls and mails asking for advertising deals, website-listings, listings in web-catalogs etc.

I recommend you to say a straight ‘NO’ to everything initially. This is because of the fact that there are both serious and not so serious companies out there in the open. Most of the companies that make voluntary contact with you will promise you a lot of sales and hits on your site. A majority of these promises are untrue.

To advertise on a page that currently has 10 hits a week is definitely a bad idea in the long term. In case, you get the advertisement deal for free then it is not a problem.

I would recommend you to validate analytics of the websites on Alexa’s web page,, to see if they have a lot of hits on their web pages.

A good and reliable start is to advertise on Google, MSN, Yahoo etc.
Google Adsense gives you one of the best possible starts to get into advertisements. Here, you can use mention your own budget since there are no limits. You can start with $10 a day in advertising. If you start getting some sales, you can increase the rates slowly.

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